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simply add this bookmarklet (drag and drop) to your browsers bookmarks. click it when you want to peg an article.

the hash


in most desktop browsers you can simply drag and drop the following bookmark to your bookmark bar

hashed bookmarklet

this link has a hash before the bookmarklet snippet.

  1. click the button below
  2. save the current page as a bookmark
  3. edit the created bookmark, removing the '#' and everything before it
javascript:void((function(e,t,n,o,i,r,s){r=(t.screenTop||t.screenY)+50;s=(t.screenX||t.screenLeft)+(t.innerWidth||e.documentElement.offsetWidth||0)/2-o/2;""+encodeURIComponent(e.title)+"&url="+encodeURIComponent(t.location.href)+"&t="+n,"__peggy_peg_it","width="+o+",height="+i+",top="+r+",left="+s+",location=no,resizable=yes,status=no,scrollbars=yes,personalbar=no,toolbar=no,menubar=no")})(document,window,(new Date).getTime(),535,565))